This blog was always since ~2013 on a self hosted wordpress instance, at the moment I didn’t know better, its hard to maintain a database, upgrade it, set up apache, upgrade it ever so often, have a eye out for fuckups that will allow your site to be vulnerable to XSS attacks, php injection, etc!

Also there is a cost/benefit aspect, I have enough experience with databases that maintaining yet another mariaDB instance is not a learning experience any more, its a chore.

This site will be probably be hosted in gitlab pages with a custom domain, free of charge !

I had a great time customizing minima .css theme that comes default with jenkins, to match

I wrote copy-pasted some ruby to generate a page for each category and the side panel that renders the category list. Ruby seems hard coming from a C, C++, Java, Python background, some idioms are too esoteric for my liking, initializing a hash of hashes needs yet another operator ? Of course it does!

This is a nice opportunity to test CI/CD features in GitLab, maybe host a runner of my own and build some other sites for fun and (intellectual) profit.